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segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2018

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Collaborative Combat

     The concept of collaborative combat  takes advantage of four major advances in the digital transformation context : Internet of Things, Big Data, Cyber Protection and Artificial Intelligence.

Source: Thales

    1) To understand tomorrow’s digitalised battlefield with advanced technologies (“vetronics”,  software radio, augmented reality, sensors, Cloud, AI algorithms...) read this short article published by Thales for the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, 11-15th June 2018.

           by Thales, 29.05.2018

     For more related materials (articles and videos), see:

Source: Thales

    2) Drones can also collaborate under human supervision. I suggest you take a look at the CODE’s prototype, that "allows a single person to visualize, supervise and command a team of unmanned systems in an intuitive manner. Mission commanders can know their team’s status and tactical situation, see pre-planned and alternative courses of action, and alter the UASs’ (Unmanned Air/Aircraft Systems) activities in real time".

           By Tamir Eshel (Defense Update) - Jun 5, 2016
           Available on <http://defense-update.com/20160605_code.html>

Source: DARPA
*UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
        I hope you find it interesting!

             Prof.Lourival (I\o/Tbr)

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